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Cricket records are the most important part maintaining the excitement of the individual cricket matches. With each country team giving their very best, cricket records is a simple and efficient way to recollect the golden moments.
Here is a list of the Highest Team Totals in World Cup given by different countries. Relive the moments of glory with these cricket records and live the sports in its true sense.
The thrill and excitement on the cricket ground is simply magical. Constant hooting and cheering of fans helps bring out the best in batsman and bowlers. The moment of crowing glory comes, when cricketer knocks out a century with smashing fours and sixes; and bowlers take wickets with the traditional cry of “howzzat.”
"Records are meant to be broken.” Every player wants to notch the top spot on scoreboard and break previous records. Be it Fastest 50, Highest Number Century, Maximum Wickets…the list is endless. It’s player’s innermost desire to do the unthinkable and crash down earlier records. Cricket legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar, Brian Lara, Vivin Richards, Don Bradman, Muttiah Muralidharan have several records to their credit.Cricket can generate, large number of records and statistics. Two scorers are appointed in every match and provided to each team. The official scorers record all runs scored, wickets taken and over bowled. Besides keeping track of batsman and bowlers activity, they acknowledge signals from the umpires, and analyses team statistics such as averages and records. The official scorers occasionally make mistakes, but these mistakes get corrected after the event.

Australia v India  2002/03  Johannesburg  359-2 (50 overs) 
Zimbabwe v Namibia  2002/03  Harare  340-2 (50 overs) 
Australia v Sri Lanka 2002/03 Centurion            319-5 (50 overs)   
Netherlands v Namibia 2002/03 Bloemfontein         314-4 (50 overs)
India v Namibia 2002/03 Pietermaritzburg     311-2 (50 overs)
Australia v Pakistan 2002/03 Johannesburg         310-8 (50 overs)
South Africa v New Zealand 2002/03 Johannesburg         306-6 (50 overs)
Australia v Namibia 2002/03 Potchefstroom        301-6 (50 overs)
Zimbabwe v Netherlands       2002/03 Bulawayo             301-8 (50 overs)
India v Sri Lanka 1999 Taunton 373-6 (50 overs)
India v Kenya  1999  Bristol         329-2 (50 overs)
Australia v Zimbabwe 1999  Lord's                303-4 (50 overs)
South Africa v Netherlands   1995/96 Rawalpindi           328-3 (50 overs)
South Africa v UAE 1995/96 Rawalpindi           321-2 (50 overs)
New Zealand v Netherlands    1995/96 Vadodara             307-8 (50 overs)
Australia v Kenya 1995/96  Visakhapatnam        304-7 (50 overs)
Sri Lanka v Kenya  1995/96 Kandy 398-5 (50 overs) 
Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe 1991/92 New Plymouth 313-7 (49.2 overs)
Zimbabwe v Sri Lanka 1991/92 New Plymouth 312-4 (50 overs)
West Indies v Sri Lanka 1987/88 Karachi      360-4 (50 overs) 
Pakistan v Sri Lanka  1983  Swansea    338-5 (60 overs)
England v Sri Lanka  1983  Taunton    333-9 (60 overs)
England v New Zealand 1983  The Oval 322-6 (60 overs)
Australia v India 1983 Nottingham           320-9 (60 overs)
England v India  1975   Lord's   334-4 (60 overs) 
Pakistan v Sri Lanka  1975   Nottingham           330-6 (60 overs)
Australia v Sri Lanka 1975 The Oval 328-5 (60 overs)
New Zealand v EA 1975 Birmingham           309-5 (60 overs)

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